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Moko Me first opened in December 2020. We are a team of 3 tattoo artists, 1 studio apprentice and 1 manager.

Moko Me was born from a want of an atmosphere where our clients would have a relaxed, comfortable, and friendly experience during their tattoo session without the hustle and bustle of a large, street facing studio, with people coming and going all day.

Although our studio is not open as long as others in Dublin, we have already made our mark on the industry and have some of Ireland’s best tattoo artists working with us.

Whether you prefer to pop in your headphones while you're getting tattooed, or get involved in the studio banter, you can't go wrong by choosing us for your next tattoo, be it big or small.

Moko Me Tattoo Studio

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At Moko Me Tattoo Studio we can cater for walk-in tattoos and last minute tattoos. Whether you are visiting Dublin and want to leave with something to remember your trip by?

Or maybe you find yourself at a loose end in Dublin City and feel like taking the plunge on that tattoo you've had on your mind the last little while.


Get in touch by filling our 'Contact Us' form or call the studio on (01) 561 6449 and we will work together and do our best get you booked in.







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Our Artists

Whether its your first time or your last remaining area, our artists take great pride in being part of your journey. Our customers will get the highest level of attention at every step of the process. Check out some our our artists favourite pieces below or go to our artist page

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