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Whether its your first tattoo, your first time in our studio or you've just got something that you want to bottom out before booking your session, hopefully we've your answer here. If not, please just reach out and we'll get you your answer


Try to get a good night's sleep before your appointment. Ensuring you are well rested will help a great deal while you are getting tattooed, especially if it is a large piece


You can take any amount of photos of yourself whilst here, but we do ask that you respect others privacy


Bring some snacks! It's no problem at any stage during your tattoo to stop and have some snacks or something to drink. This will also help your sugar levels be nice and high


Wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes with you so you are as comfortable as possible. (Ink may get on your clothing while you are getting tattooed, so dont wear anything you might mind getting ink on).


Dont drink alcohol 24 hours before your tattoo appointment.


If we havent covered your question here, please just drop us a question through email, telephone or any of our social links below

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